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Dollar Bills



Crafting a successful proposal begins with a meeting to gather information about your entity's mission and the purpose of the proposal. I will also require program data and documentation of your organizations nonprofit status, budget, etc. My work ends when your proposal has been successfully submitted to the funding entity.


If you prefer, I can also review proposals which you have written and recommend improvements in perspective, tone, grammar and punctuation, and technical compliance.


If you have an idea that needs funding, or if you need money for an existing program, I can also research opportunities for grant funding and provide a written report detailing potential grantors' funding preferences, requirements for submission, grant cycle, etc.


Initial consultations of 30 minutes or less are free. Thereafter, services are billed at an hourly rate with a minimum engagement fee of $125. All time spent on your behalf is thoroughly documented for auditing purposes. My services begin when a contract for engagement has been signed and end when documentation of a proposal has been received by the funding entity or a report has been delivered to you for service rendered.

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