Here are just some of the clients and most recent projects Grant Solutions has garnered major funding for and facilitated successful outcomes:


The Port of Manchester received a $577,447 Boating Facility Program grant in November 2008 through the Recreation & Conservation Office after ranking #3 in the state competition. Kathleen Byrne-Barrantes of Grant-Solutions, who was contracted by the Port earlier that year, took part in planning & design, garnered partner support, developed grant proposals and presented project before state officials & evaluation committees. The Port will acquire the properties for additional boat/trailer parking spaces and better egress opportunities. The redesign will accommodate a total of 31 boat/trailer spaces and 1 ADA-compliant low-impact, paved parking lot with access to Puget Sound saltwater. The boat launch is the only public launch facility available for over 10 miles to the south and over 5 miles to the northeast and experiences over 73 launches on any given summer day. This Puget Sound port is a highly visible and scenic boater destination with breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline and Blake Island. Click here to see article in local newspaper

Grant Solutions has completed numerous projects for Kitsap County and has been successful in securing over $30 million dollars in funding for Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Sewer Improvements, Environmental Cleanups, Trails Development, Park Acquisition and Developments, Growth Management, Building Improvements, Landuse Planning, Court and Justice projects, Fire Prevention, Education, Community Development Block Grants, Salmon Recovery, and Economic Development. Grant-Solutions acquired several more grants and funding through partnerships with other organizations (public and nonprofit) that resulted in many more million dollars that was in turn invested throughout Kitsap County creating numerous jobs, civic and environmental improvements, infrastructure, and property acquisitions. A recent grant in 2008 of $1 million through the Washington State Department of Ecology Stormwater Implementation fund will be used to develop the Silverdale Community Center Campus and planned YMCA with Regional Library and Senior Housing using Low-Impact-Development stormwater strategies that will serve as a model to reduce impacts to the sensitive Puget Sound waterways at Dyes Inlet. In late 2008, Grant-Solutions was successful in obtaining $1 million in Public Works Trust Funds for pre-construction costs of sewer infrastructure for Central Kitsap and instrumental in putting together a tech-team consisting of state, federal, and local agencies to assist in funding strategies for planned $54 million Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade in Central Kitsap.

Grant Solutions secured funding in 2007 that will purchase and install a closed circuit television system (CCTV) that will allow child victims to testify and be questioned from a remote room. This spares child victims the trauma of being in the same courtroom face-to-face with their accused assailants while satisfying the legal requirement to allow the accused to view and interact with their accuser. The grant included training and travel to Washington D.C. for Prosecutors and staff to become familiar with the process and technical aspects of this innovative state-of-the-art system.

Grant Solutions has secured over $9.5 million in federal and state funds for Public Works and Parks Departments. These funds were used to upgrade the City's wastewater treatment plant, reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs), replace aging sewer lines, assess contaminated properties for cleanup, develop Blueberry Park using low-impact-development (LID) strategies, major park improvements, as well as the Evergreen Park and Bremerton Boardwalk projects. The most recent grant of $1 million in 2008 from the Department of Ecology Stormwater Implementation fund will be used to remove pollution-generating surfaces in Bremerton's Lions Park along Dyes Inlet waterfront and replace with pervious systems as well as other LID stormwater management strategies including rain gardens or bioretention strips.

Secured $525,000 in funding which included two $200,000 federal EPA Brownfields grants and $125,000 in funding from Washington State's Department of Natural Resources Creosote Removal Program for the cleanup and development of the Eddon Boatyard city park. Grant-Solutions continues to perform grant project management services for the sites cleanup and development.

City of Port Orchard

Secured $225,000 in two Brownfields grants in 2006 and 2007 for assessment and clean up of the Mitchell Avenue properties for development of senior housing in Port Orchard.  Obtained Puget Sound Action Team (Puget Sound Partnership) assistance and Department of Ecology Low Impact Development Grants that allowed the city to partcipate in writing regulations and adopting consistent LID standards in 2006. On contract since 2008, Grant-Solutions works with all city departments to obtain funding for multiple projects. Grant-Solutions recently assisted in the design and development plans for the City's local Paul Powers Park and developed grant proposals for funding. The project was ranked #6 in the federal Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) competition and expected to receive $300,000 in 2009 when federal budgets are expected to be approved. Grant-Solutions and the City continue to work with Congressman Norm Dicks and state legislators on funding opportunities.

Secured a $250,000 Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) Reclaimed Water grant in 2008 to study the feasibility of providing future wastewater treatment systems in the district. Reclaimed water will primarily be used to enhance streamflows in the Chico Creek watershed and to prevent further impacts from failing or faulty septic systems. In recent months, the District has consulted with Grant-Solutions and negotiated with the DOE to modify the final contract in order to partner with Kitsap County in coordination with their WWTP and infrastructure improvements.


Obtained Puget Sound Action Team (Puget Sound Partnership) assistance to write regulations to allow for low impact development and participate in a Department of Ecology Low Impact Development Grant which allowed City of Poulsbo to participate with Kitsap County and its four cities to write and adopt consistent LID standards. Grant-Solutions has also been instrumental in garnering support from the City for countywide projects.

Secured $597,000 in separate EPA Brownfields grants for assessment and clean up of properties in four consecutive rounds. This included $228,000 for development of senior housing in Port Orchard and $200,000 to remediate a former drycleaners site in Bremerton. Grant Solutions also provided grant management services for these projects as well as a Dept. of Ecology Low-Impact-Development grant for senior housing in Silverdale and the redevelopment of the Silverdale Community Center Campus.

Secured a $185,00 FY2006 Department of Ecology & EPA 319 Clean Water Low-Impact-Development (LID) Implementation grant for the non-profit Kitsap Home Builders Foundation (KHBF) to help jurisdictions develop and implement standards as well as to provide public education and outreach throughout the county including its four cities. In 2007, the KHBF received a $43,000 Puget Sound Action Team grant and allow the Kitsap Home Builders Foundation to rebuild the parking lot and grounds of their offices as a LID demonstration project. Click here to view project.

Secured several large and small federal and state grants between 2004-8 to create broader opportunities for affordable housing, provide public assistance, reduce homelessness, clean up sites, and put former contaminated properties back into productive use. We have also secured Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) grants which allows the BHA to hire or retain FSS coordinators on staff to assist adult residents to find employment. The coordinators link participants to resources in the community that can help with their job search, such as job training opportunities, employment placement programs or local employers. The coordinators also help individuals locate childcare, counseling services, and transportation, which may be impediments to employment. Grant-Solutions works with the BHA to develop funding strategies and leverage existing grants as well as to support ongoing development projects and promote broader partnership opportunities.

Grant Solutions secured a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) grant in 2007 which encourages communities to develop local strategies to help families who participate in HUD's Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program obtain employment that will lead to economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Kitsap Fire District #18 (Poulsbo Fire Department) has received over $200,000 in federal Homeland Security funding since 2005 for equipment, personnel, and training as a result of Grant Solutions efforts and is line to receive future awards through competitive grants.

Mason County Fire District #2 firefighters are better protected since 2007 as a result of a $175,000 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Act grant secured by Grant Solutions.

As the grants coordinator for this company for three consecutive years, Grant Solutions helped firefighters all over the United States secure tens of millions of federal Homeland Security dollars to obtain firefighting equipment, personal protective gear, and training materials to keep firefighters safe while providing the critical tools they needed to protect the public they serve.


Secured a $50,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Business Enterprise Grant to facilitate development of small and emerging private business enterprises located in rural areas.

Secured approximately $2 million of state IAC-WWRP funds in 2006 to acquire land for the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife and Pacific NW Salmon Center in Belfair as well as $350,000 in separate federal EPA Brownfields grants to assess and cleanup properties it owned.

Secured over $1 million in salmon recovery funds for the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Groups efforts to restore healthy runs of pacific salmon and a $26,000 federal HUD Economic Development block grant in partnership with Kitsap County for the Seabeck community.

Secured $181,000 FY 2007 Centennial Clean Water Funds for the Port of Illahee to conduct a Surface Water Management Plan. The proposal was ranked #8 out of 77 projects in the State of Washington and included partnerships with Kitsap County, KC Health District, and the Illahee Forest Preserve Group. Grant-Solutions previously funded the Illahee Forest Preserve with over $875,000 of WWRP-Urban Wildlife funds to acquire properties on behalf of Kitsap County Parks & Facilities Department for the "Lost Continent of Illahee" in 2005-6.


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